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The No. 1 ERP Software for Quarry Mining / Crushers

Quarryminer is a web, mobile and desktop quarry management software. It is a suite of management tools including production, sales, site, accounts, report and stock management. This management platform gives your team full visibility and control over all your crushers/quarry tasks and projects.

  • Prevention of Theft
  • Guaranteed Business Growth
  • Save Money and Time
  • View your Company in 360 degree
  • Paperless Mining
Quarry Miner

This is the Future of Quarry

Quarry Management System (QMS)


Easy-to-use Quarry Management Software with powerful features, allows you to automate your quarry and crusher workflow. It is simple to use, user-friendly and intuitive. Accomplish all tedious process in one place to be highly productive and truly organized.

The First Intelligent
Quarry Management Software

QuarryMiner is a Quarry and Mining ERP software, it manages multiple quarries in a single cloud centralized platform, both in web and mobile. It monitors every aspect of your business, including production, sales, expense, stocks, etc. – all in one place.

Powerful Web and Mobile App

Quarry management made easy on Cloud
Web Dashboard

QuarryMiner dashboard offers a 360° overview of your Quarry sales, expense , stocks and much more. Dashboard is designed to help directors and administrator to take quick decisions by bringing essential data on one view.

Mobile App

QuarryMiner apps for iOS and Android allows you to access your quarry information anywhere and everywhere. It delivers live data feed from the quarry/crusher also allows you to access quarry reports on sales, expense, stocks, etc.,

Stunning Features & Functionality

Eliminate all your business hassle with our software
Prevention of Theft

QuarryMiner has theft prevention program with lot of features to control the theft in all possible ways.

Guaranteed Business growth

QuarryMiner offers a hassle free live business data right at your desk. You don’t need to worry about the process but only your business.

Save Time and Money

QuarryMiner controls the entire workflow of you business process. So it drastically helps to reduce the human resources involved in the process.

360 Degree view

QuarryMiner Web, Desktop and Mobile app gives you the 360 degree view of your company in one click.

Analytics, Reports and Finance Control

Over 20 Dynamic Reports

  • Raw stone Trip based report
  • Raw stone Driver based report
  • User-Shift-Based Entries and Reports
  • Site Report
  • Customer Based Report for Sales
  • Cash/Credit Based Report for Sales
  • Referral Based Report
  • Material-Wise Overall Summary
  • Stock Report
  • Export Reports as PDF/Excel
  • And Much More

Reports on Mobile

When you are away from your office or traveling, you don’t need to worry if you have deployed QuarryMiner. QuarryMiner brings your entire business workflow in your mobile, access reports, charts, truck CCTV image and much  more – 24×7 from your smartphone.

Save Time and Effort

QuarryMiner has customized dynamic ready-made reports on a click. You don’t need to dig through your business data manually and waste your productive time and effort anymore.

360 Degree Business View

Analytics and reports in QuarryMiner allows 360 degree view of your entire business through versatile reports and charts, through which you can get a hawk eye view of your company which enables you to manage and control entire business.

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Powerful Mobile App

Business is with you, wherever you go!

Advanced Reports

QuarryMiner mobile app gives you complete reports and analytics just like web reports.

Powerful performance

Mobile app is Robust and Powerful. It is blazing fast, you don't need to wait for loading.

Android and ios

QuarryMiner mobile app available for both Android and ios.

Push Notifications

You will receive notification of your business instantly.

Production Module
Sales Module

QuarryMiner ERP is the best solution for Production, Sales, Site, Stocks, Fuel, Accounts, Reports and much more.

QuarryMiner automates Quarry, Crushers, Granite, Marble, Coal and  also all types of Mining Industries. It makes mining business easier like ever before.

QuarryMiner is developed with cutting edge latest technology, so the software is blazing fast. It supports all versions of Windows, Android and iOS.

QuarryMiner tracks all the activities of the mining operation and monitors all financial transactions and costing information with 100% accuracy.

QuarryMiner provides 360 degree view of your mining business, thereby reducing the theft to zero in your company.

QuarryMiner has Industry-Leading Features

The extensive features that accelerate growth
Cloud Support

Desktop application with cloud support.

Live Truck Weight

Live truck weight capture from the weighbridge.

Reduce Traffic

Reduce driver waiting time by 50 to 100 percent.

Live Crusher Data

Live data to the managers through the web/mobile app.

CCTV Integration

CCTV camera capture for Production/Sales/Site

Automatic Unit Calculation

Automatic materials unit calculation and price calculation.

User Shift Entry

User-shift-based entries and reports.

Printed Token

Token is genarated for the crane operator.

Tax Invoice

Tax invoice is genatated with GST (customizable).

Sophisticated Reports

Custom report in web app,PDF and Excel.

Stock Management

Bunker/Stock management.

Accounts Management

Cash and credit management.

Tailor Made

Tailer-made application to meet your needs.

Weighbridge Life

Extend your weighbridge lifetime.

Offline Mode Support

Application work even at internet downtime.

Hardware and Accessories Support

QuarryMiner has extensive hardware and accessories support.


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CCTV Camera

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Fuel Level Indicator

5G wireless internet standard at all locations.

Boom Barrier

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Laser/Thermal Printers

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Biometric and Barcode

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