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QuarryMiner has Industry-Leading Features

The extensive features that accelerate growth
Cloud Support

Desktop application with cloud support.

Live Truck Weight

Live truck weight capture from the weightbridge.

Reduce Traffic

Reduce driver waiting time by 50 to 100 percent.

Live Crusher Data

Live data to the managers through the web/mobile app.

CCTV Integration

CCTV camera capture forĀ  Production/Sales/Site

Automatic Unit Calculation

Automatic materials unit calculation and price calculation.

User Shift Entry

User-shift-based entries and reports.

Printed Token

Token is genarated for the crane operator.

Tax Invoice

Tax invoice is genatated with GST (customizable).

Sophisticated Reports

Custom report in web app,PDF and Excel.

Stock Management

Bunker/Stock management.

Accounts Management

Cash and credit management

Tailor Made

Tailer-made application to meet your needs.

Weighbridge Life

Extend your weighbridge lifetime.

Offline Mode Support

Application work even at internet downtime.